BeatRoute Review of Colour Tongues Debut EP

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Thanks to Willem Thomas from BeatRoute for the review of out debut EP.  Might be some talk of a feature on us in April... ;)

Math rock – often held in derision by some music critics and detractors, but loved dearly by its converts.  On their debut EP, Vancouver four-piece Colour Tongues navigate an earnest, pleasant technical route that methodically touches most of the bases associated with the genre.  Prominent math indie bands such as Minus The Bear and This Town Needs Guns makes for clear influences across the four tracks.  The instrumentation, catchy, and upbeat boasts the requisite playing ability and the song writing is consistent throughout.  While the production on the EP occasionally doesn’t do the band’s tight , lush melodies full justice, the release itself is a quick, wholly enjoyable listen.

-Willem Thomas, BeatRoute Magazine, February 2018 edition

David Taylor